Capitals: ‘Can Someone Sign Green for Us? We’re Swamped’

Yesterday, I mentioned the Caps are low-balling restricted free agent defenseman Mike Green. Today, Tarik El-Bashir reports the Caps will match any offer sheets Green gets. In other words, the Caps are going to let another team negotiate an inflated contract with one of the key components of their future, rather than just sitting down with Green and giving him a fair offer. I don’t get it. Unless Green doesn’t want to be in Washington for some reason and is asking for outrageous money. Or the Capitals are very lazy and are pulling some sort of Tom Sawyer fence-paint move.
Over on the LA Kings site, they’re asking about the best mustache in Kings history. Jean Lefebvre jumps in with some of the best mustaches in Flames history. And suddenly, I don’t want to shave for work today.
Finally, Mike Heika has a very interesting piece on what goes into moving a minor league hockey team. The Stars are moving their AHL presence to Austin and they have to a) find a team to move to Austin to be their affiliate and b) decide where to put their prospects in the interim. It’s a very thorough look at something I never really thought about before.