Tampa: ‘Hey Flyers! Do You Want Insurance on that Rental?’

I don’t know if anyone in the NHL head office is actively looking for a new project, but if anyone is, he should look into boomerang trades (where an NHL team trades a player away, only for the player to boomerang back in the off-season). Vinny Prospal is the latest boomerang, with the Flyers trading Prospal’s rights back to the Lightning. Flyers GM Paul Holmgren admits he had an understanding with Prospal:

“Right after we made the trade [in February] when I talked to him, he let me know he wasn’t very happy. We talked about it and what I told him was, ‘You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours,'”

Somehow I don’t think Holmgren and Prospal were the only two people in the transaction with this understanding. These kinds of boomerang deals are so annoying because it allows teams to trade players based on personal relationships since the dealing team is only losing the use of a player for the final months of a presumably playoffless season. If you don’t have to worry too much about what you’re getting back, it’s going to change how you deal a player. Although, to be fair, Tampa got defensive prospect Alexandre Picard for the Prospal rental. But it’s something the NHL might want to look at. It looks awful.
George Richards has a great story on his blog where one of the Panther executives who didn’t show up to the press conference for new coach Peter DeBoer was right there for a promotion where someone painted their bedroom Panther colors. Which pretty much explains the success of the Panthers over the years.
UPDATE: The post is no longer online. I emailed George Richards to ask what happened.
UPDATE, part II: George decided to pull the post because he didn’t get the executive’s side of things. Sounds fair to me.
Also, while we don’t know what the Penguins have offered Marian Hossa, according to Hossa’s agent, it’s not $50-52 million over seven years. I hope the Penguins aren’t seriously considering a contract that long. Hossa will be 36 at the end of a seven-year deal. That’s a lot of money to tie up in a player that old.
Finally, Scott Moore, the executive director of CBC sports, has a great post recapping the agita of the HOCKEY NIGHT IN CANADA theme song debacle. I had no horse in the race. If it was up to me, the HNIC song would be the theme to DIFF’RENT STROKES with new lyrics sung by George Clinton.