C. Everett Koop: ‘Don’t Split the Sedins!’

I wish I could get more into the NHL draft. It all seems so speculative. You won’t know which teams won the draft for years. It does seem fairly certain Evgeni Malkin isn’t getting traded to the Kings for a first-round pick. I have no idea why that rumor picked up so much traction since it seems pretty crazy for the Penguins. If they wanted to trade the guy who carried the team when Sidney Crosby went down, they could probably get some more NHL-ready talent. Alanah takes some nice shots at Bruce Garrioch, the source of the rumor. I don’t know Garrioch’s track record, but I have to say, I love me some NHL rumors, so I always enjoy Garrioch. Like, do I believe the Canucks would trade both Sedins? Not really. But it’s fun to consider; a guilty pleasure.
Also, while I don’t watch a ton of Western Conference hockey, my general understanding is the Sedins are not conjoined twins. Is that correct? Could they be traded to separate teams or could the Canucks keep one? Is that considered poor etiquette with twins?
George Richards updated his post on Panthers team president Michael Yormark (see yesterday).
Also, watching ESPN this morning, there’s no mention of the NHL draft being tonight and tomorrow. The NHL trying to get rid of Rangers’ ownership? That gets a mention from MIKE AND MIKE. I like to think somewhere in Toronto a junior NHL executive is sitting around thinking ‘Gee. This intra-league litigation sure does test well. We need more of it.’