Bouwmeester: ‘Can Someone Describe the Post-Season to Me?’

Steve Zipay has an interesting item: “With the trade of Olli Jokinen, a person close to Jay Bouwmeester told Newsday that the defenseman wants out of Florida. Unsure whether — or when — the Rangers can get him here, but boy, if the deal was right, JayBo would be a high-quality get…”
I’m not sure why he wrote in the style of Larry King. He usually doesn’t do that. Bouwmeester in play is very interesting, though. You can see why Bouwmeester might want out of Florida. It sounds like they won’t be very active in the free-agent market, meaning they probably won’t be much better than last year. And given their Jokinen-ectomy, they could even be a lot worse.
Speaking of Florida, former Wild center Wes “Milk Carton” Walz joined Barry Melrose’s coaching staff in Tampa. I’m not sure what Walz’s responsibilities will be but he was a great defensive forward, so hopefully he can impart that to the players. Although if I’m in Tampa, I’m a little concerned about this statement:

I still feel like a Minnesota Wild player, I still feel like I’m part of that organization, and I guarantee I’ll be wearing a Wild T-shirt underneath my suit behind the Lightning bench. I still feel part of the family in Minnesota.

Who doesn’t want to hear their new assistant coaching pining away for his old team?
Also, Brian Rolston’s agent isn’t returning phone calls from the Wild, a good indicator the unrestricted free agent wants to test the market. Or, it could indicate his agent uses Verizon.
Hey yo!
But seriously. Why wouldn’t Rolston want to gauge his value? New Jersey and New York are supposed to be interested in him (going back to the end of the regular season), and I’m sure there are plenty of others. If Minnesota is low-balling Rolston, he should see what else is out there.