Boyle: ‘Even Though I’m Not a Stay-at-Home Defenseman, I Kind of Want to Stay at Home. In Tampa…’

More and more, it sounds like the Lightning really are about to trade Dan Boyle. Erik Eriendsson is the latest to say he thinks the Lightning will try to move Boyle, assuming Boyle waives his no-trade clause. Eriendsson reminds us Boyle is married to a Tampa local, they’re expecting a child, and they’re building a new house, so it’s hardly a given he’ll waive it.
I’m not a huge Boyle fan. He’ll have long stretches where his offense is much more of a liability than an asset. But I think it was smart of Tampa to wait for Brian Campbell to get signed before unloading Boyle. A lot of teams set aside a lot of money for Campbell, and I’m sure they’d love a second chance to sign a puck-moving offensive defenseman who can run the powerplay.
Also, I love the deals free agents didn’t take. Like Marian Hossa, it seems defenseman Brooks Orpik took less money to play where he wanted to play. Unlike Hossa, Orpik opted to stay in Pittsburgh. Shockingly, the Sabres never made an offer for Orpik. That means the Sabres have moved from not making offers to their own free agents to not making offers to other teams’ free agents. You have to wonder if the Sabres are just going to stand pat until everyone on the team is retired. In ten years, the Buffalo Sabres could actually just be a single person.
Speaking of Hossa, Marian Gaborik tried to get him to come to the Wild, but obviously that didn’t work.