Free Agents: No 404 For Us

Larry Brooks points out no one wants to play in Atlanta, Edmonton, or Long Island.
I get the Isle burn, because they still have that crazy management reputation, even if it’s much calmer out there, but I’m not sure why Atlanta is considered so awful. It’s a nice city, from what I’ve seen of the airport.
I only point this out because I wrote about the phenomenon of free agent signings and desirable locations a few months ago.
I also point this out because it kind of explains why Edmonton often has to overpay for free agents, which obviously causes some friction in the NHL with some people. In Anaheim. Whose initials are B.B.
Down in DC, the Caps are trying to re-sign Sergei Fedorov, which is a great move for both parties. I can’t believe Fedorov is 38, though. Obviously, the speed is gone, but he’s still very shifty.
Out in Denver, Adrian Dater is watching old Avs games and it’s shockingly entertaining to read about.
Also, how much do you want to bet the NHL negotiations to use Wrigley Field for an outdoor game went something like this:

NHL: And the Blackhawks definitely have to be a part of this?
Wrigley Field: Yeah. They’re in our city.
NHL: What about the Penguins? They’re close.
WF: They’re in Pennsylvania.
NHL: No they’re not.
WF: Do you want to use me or not?
NHL: Sigh. Fine.