The Great Wrong Buffalo

As I mentioned yesterday, it can be tough for certain teams to draw free agents. Add Buffalo to the list of teams that players avoid, as Bucky Gleason pointed out yesterday. Buffalo is close to Canada, which should make it relatively enticing for certain players, but the Sabres are notorious for not treating their players very well.
Under a salary cap, where so many salary offers are equal across teams, if you want to grab talent, you need to offer more than just money.
Speaking of treating players well, Dan Boyle’s final days in Tampa didn’t see him treated very well. He wasn’t a big fan of the threats to be placed on waivers to be claimed by Atlanta, nor did he like the big contract followed by the trade demands. If I’m Vinny Lecavalier, I’m a bit nervous about my “lifetime” contract.
Also, I love Todd Bertuzzi signing in Calgary. Put him on a line with Jarome Iginla and they can roll with any line the Red Wings can put over the boards.
I can’t believe Owen Nolan is still playing. What is this? His 30th season?
Also, former Islander PR guy Chris Botta has some interesting insights into the relationship between Isles coach Ted Nolan and GM Garth Snow. Things sound a little tense over there.