Reusse Not Wild About Wild

Patrick Reusse has a great column blasting Minnesota Wild GM Doug Risebrough for not doing enough to improve the team. Reusse attributes cheapness to a lot of Risebrough’s moves, but with a salary floor, there’s really not a huge advantage to cheaping out consistently. I’m not going to pretend to understand Risebrough’s motives, but I would hope he sees the current NHL marketplace and understands the only way you get elite players is to sign them to huge contracts or lock up signed players before they become unrestricted, or you tell the player you’re calling from the Detroit Red Wings.
On the flip side of the GM world, Flyers GM Paul Holmgren received a three-year contract extension for his quick turnaround of the Flyers. Last season’s team really overperformed. I’m very curious how the lineup Holmgren constructed this off-season will perform. Up to now, Holmgren has just been patching holes. This season, his signings seemed to indicate a vision for the team, the vision being trading a little size for a little speed. Of course, Holmgren deserves the extension simply for finally getting the Flyers settled in goal. I’m guessing he might have mentioned that a few times during the negotiations.
Also, this is the blog headline of the week, courtesy of The Two-Line Pass.