Goalies Get Practice and Get Psyched

Goalie Chris Mason, who was traded to the Blues during the off-season, seems like a pretty cool guy. Mason is back in goaltending school, trying to sharpen his skills.
I know guys work with trainers and coaches during the off-season, but Mason is driving from Red Deer to Calgary twice a week. That’s commitment.
Speaking of goalies, former Ottawa goalie Ray Emery signed a one-year deal to play in Russia. Emery’s agent said Emery only got three calls from NHL teams. I don’t know if all three were from different teams or if one team called twice or if one of the calls was a wrong number. Still, I’m surprised no one took a chance on Emery. He’s a relatively solid goaltender and while he obviously has some personality issues, I can’t believe it’s an unsolvable problem.
Still speaking of goalies, former Caps goalie Olie Kolzig is using his unceremonious dumping out of DC to psych himself up for his new job in Tampa.
And speaking of the Caps, they re-signed Sergei Fedorov to a one-year, $4 million deal. It’s a lot of money, which makes me think the Caps are serious about pairing Fedorov with Alexander Ovechkin next season, and maybe playing Michael Nylander on the second line. Or maybe trading Nylander once he establishes he’s back from last season’s shoulder injury. I find it difficult to believe Washington would give that much money to someone they didn’t see as a top six forward.
Finally, hockey players from Texas! What’ll they think of next? Actually, the article concludes with a round-up of Texas-born NHLers, a small but important list.