No One Leaves the NHL

Considering it’s the middle of July, there’s a shocking amount of stuff going on around the NHL.
Mark Hermann thinks Joe Queeneville should be the next coach of the Islanders. Queeneville isn’t a bad idea, but given the Isles history, my money is on backup goalie Wade Dubielewicz, whose playing time indirectly led to coach Ted Nolan getting fired, deciding not to play in Russia, and instead becoming the next coach of the Islanders. Because in Isles Nation, there’s no greater honor than being the backup goalie.
Also, it seems like no one ever really leaves the NHL. Brendan Shanahan is still holding out hope he’ll play for the Rangers next season. Retiree Jeff O’Neill might return to the Carolina Hurricanes.
Finally, the Minnesota Wild do not mess around. Forward Stephane Veilleux is trying to negotiate a contract with the Wild, where’s he’s played the past five seasons. Since the two sides haven’t been able to agree on a contract, they put him on waivers. If the Wild were negotiating a hundred years ago, they probably would have shot Veilleux, so I guess the waiver move could be worse.