Sundin: ‘I’ll Decide by December. Just Start Without Me’

Wow. Look how decisive Mats Sundin is. He’s got his NHL options narrowed down to the Canucks, the Leafs, or retirement. And he’s said he’ll decide by August. It’s not like teams need to decide anything, right?
Of course, looking at the Canucks’ salaries, they still have the space to give Sundin that rumored $10 million/year for two years, and it’s not like there’s anyone else they could sign. They may as well wait it out. The Leafs also have some room for Sundin, although I have to wonder if they would want him back. I got the impression the Leafs (or at least Leafs Nation) was kind of happy to turn the page on Sundin. The city of Vancouver seems to want him pretty badly. Like everyone else, I don’t understand a) why the Canucks are offering him so much money and b) why Sundin isn’t jumping on that.
Also, Sports Illustrated has an awesome photo essay looking at the demise of the Islanders. There are so many low moments. It must have been hard to choose. (via Two-Line Pass).