Therrien: ‘I Am the Chose One’

This is a great little stat: no coach in Penguin history has started and finished four consecutive seasons.
Ron Cook thinks Michel Therrien, who just signed a contract extension, could be the one to break that streak.
I don’t.
Therrien is a dangerous combination of narrow-minded and panicky. You could see it during the finals when he didn’t change anything against the Wings until he suddenly moved Ryan Malone to the top line, only to put things back the next game. I suspect we’ll see more moves like that from Therrien, and as he loses people in the locker room, which is rumored to be the case, these knee-jerk switches will be less and less effective.
I was surprised the Penguins gave Therrien a three-year extension. Watching him coach has often felt like watching someone drive a car that’s too fast. You could see the places where he just didn’t know how to handle all the parts (like when to play Evgeni Malkin and Sidney Crosby together and when to spread them out).
I’m guessing Therrien crashes before he crosses the four-year flag.
Also, Curtis Brown is going to play in Switzerland next season. John Vogl, who covered Brown as a Sabre, has some interesting insights into what sounds like a complex person.