Trottier Ready to Return to Coaching?

Larry Brooks is actually recommending Islander great Bryan Trottier as the next coach of the Islanders. Trottier had a disastrous stint as coach of the Rangers but Brooks says Trottier’s ability to work with young players, his Islander pedigree, and being out of the media spotlight coaching on Long Island (instead of in Madison Square Garden), adds up to a solid coaching pick.
I kind of thought about Trottier when old Isles coach Ted Nolan quit/was fired, because Trottier is such a huge part of Islanders’ mythology. But his time coaching the Rangers was such a trainwreck, I didn’t see how anyone would ever let him coach in the NHL again. But Brooks points out that while Trottier wasn’t strong with the veteran players, he was very good with the the Rangers’ younger players. Which is surprising, since I didn’t remember the Rangers having any younger players until like three seasons ago. Still, it’s an interesting thought.
Also, the Columbus Dispatch has a great story on R.J. Umberger joining the Blue Jackets. It’s funny because the whole thing is about how Rick Nash has never really had anyone decent to play with and Umberger just needs to be competent. They have high expectations in Ohio.