Sundin an Av? How About Prince Hamlet?

Are the Avs one of the six teams Mats Sundin would sign with?
Even if they are, Adrian Dater says it’s not a great idea.
I agree if for no other reason than a team shouldn’t have two guys who aren’t sure if they want to play in the NHL next season.
Notice there’s no Brett Favre joke here. You don’t always have to pull out the Brett Favre joke.
Kevin Allen has a list of the potential stars of the 2009 free agent class. Man, he’s starting early.
Also, I forgot to mention this last week, but how are the Rangers even considering Petr Nedved? During Nedved’s last stint in the NHL, he wasn’t good enough to catch on with a truly horrible Flyers’ team. How does anyone think he has the speed and toughness now? It’s very strange. Larry Brooks agrees with me.