Panaccio Leaving the Flyers’ Beat

I saw a brief mention in Michael Russo’s blog that Philadelphia Inquirer writer Tim Panaccio is leaving the NHL beat. I emailed Tim and he confirmed he’s leaving the Flyers/NHL beat to cover the Eagles for the Inquirer. Sources tell PuckUpdate the Eagles are a football team. Preps writer Sam Carchidi will take over the Flyers beat.
Obviously, this is a big blow to hockey. Panaccio is a great writer who got great scoops (Jeremy Roenick text-messaged him about his eventually-aborted retirement) and had genuinely interesting insights into the game. I was a huge fan of his work and I’m going to miss it (especially his Sunday NHL column).
If you visit Romenesko, the media news site, you’ll notice more and more articles about how newspapers, as they currently exist, won’t be around much longer, so on the one hand I get why the Inquirer would want to throw coverage at something like the Eagles, where there are a lot of fans and potential eyeballs. But at the same time, how can you not make money with one of the country’s best, most respected hockey writers working for you?