Bertuzzi a Lone Gunman? Gaborik Still Wild About NHL?

Weird. Jean Lefebvre had an item that Mats Sundin leaving Toronto for Montreal (possibly!) is no less weird than Todd Bertuzzi coming to Calgary from Vancouver less than a week before the Toronto Star reported former Canucks coach Marc Crawford insists Bertuzzi acted alone in his attack on Steve Moore. Here are Lefebvre’s unfortunate words:

While Sundin played for the hated Leafs and certainly caused heaps of damage to the Canadiens over the years, is he the kind of guy Montrealers could truly hate? Like Ted Lindsay, Dale Hunter or Eric Lindros? Not a chance. Big Bert, on the other hand, made for a perfect villain, especially when he was toiling for the Canucks.

Marian Gaborik’s agent is saying the forward won’t leave the Wild for Russia, even as Ladislav Nagy became the latest NHLer to jump to the Russian Super League. The Russian Super League is the best thing to happen to NHL players. Every contract negotiation seems to become a lot more focused and player-friendly with just the hint of a rumor the player has an offer from a Russian club. It’s like instant leverage.