NHL Teams: ‘We’ll Take Sundin or Schneider. Whoever Fits into the Uniform’

The OC Register Ducks blog had an interesting bit of logic, saying the Ducks ability to unload defenseman Mathieu Schneider depends on where Mats Sundin goes. In other words, if a team grabs Sundin, they probably don’t have the cap space for Schneider. But if I’m not mistaken, Schneider and Sundin play different positions. I don’t think any of the teams interested in Sundin are trying to decide between him and a top-four defenseman. And I can’t imagine if five of the six teams don’t get Sundin, they’ll decide to take Schneider, like some kind of human consolation prize.
And why do the Ducks want to unload Schneider? So they can re-sign Teemu Selanne. It’s a house of cards.
Buffalo is one of three U.S. teams in the mix to host the World Juniors in 2011, which is good news for one of America’s fastest-dying cities. I imagine this would help the economy in Buffalo a little bit.
Also, apparently the salary cap is more mystical and less absolute than I thought. Caps beat writer Tarik El-Bashir and Caps GM George McPhee disagree over if Washington is over the salary cap. My checkbook and I often have a similar disagreement over the amount of money in the account. The checkbook always wins, so I’m kind of pulling for McPhee to defeat both arithmetic and numbers.