Bueller? Bueller? Chelios? Chelios?

Is there a bigger rock star than Chris Chelios?
He brought the Stanley Cup to Chicago, taking it to both Wrigley Field and U.S. Cellular Field. Afterwards, he was taking it to a Pearl Jam show. It sounds like the only thing missing from this trip to the Windy City was a dog attacking Mr. Rooney.
Chelios, who didn’t play in the Stanley Cup finals, supposedly with an injury, but allegedly at the “suggestion” of coach Mike Babcock, also says he’d like to eventually return to Chicago, either as a player, or otherwise involved in the Blackhawks organization in some capacity. That has to make you wonder how much longer Chelios will be a Wing. Although, the guy ate some serious minutes for Babcock last season, he’s certainly lost a few steps. Luckily for the Wings, Chelios at 50% of his old/younger self is still an NHL-quality defenseman. The question is if they need that kind of depth from a guy who started playing when the league had six teams. I’m not sure they do.
Also, thanks to Greg “Puck Daddy” Wyshynski for letting me part of his “5 Ways I’d Change the NHL” series. My entry was up Friday.
Also, September 14, I’ll be running in the Susan G. Komen New York City Race for the Cure. It’s a 5K to raise money for breast cancer. If you’d like to support me, here’s a link to do so. It’s a good cause. And if anyone reading will be there, drop me a line.