Berard Cannot Be Stopped

Bryan Berard is one tough guy. He got an insurance settlement for an eye injury, and returned it to once again play in the NHL. Since his return to the NHL, he’s never really caught on anywhere for an extended period, but he always seems to catch on somewhere, usually as a powerplay specialist of some kind. This summer, he’ll be in training camp for the Flyers, as the Flyers try and add speed and offense to their defense. Berard doesn’t have much of a defensive presence, but if Philadelphia has the cap space and understands he’s more of a fourth forward who plays back, he could be handy to have around.
Also, congratulations to the New York Rangers, for having two of their free-agent signings named to Allan Muir’s list of free agents most likely to bust. Shockingly, he’s more down on Wade Redden than Markus Naslund. I think Redden will turn things around in New York. Like Muir, I don’t quite get what Naslund brings to the Rangers.
Over in Tampa, they’re talking about if/when Vinny Lecavalier will be named captain. Again. It would be very funny if he publicly turned it down the second time and said they should never have taken the C away from him in the first place.