Flames: ‘We Signed Some New Players. A Few Weeks Ago…’

I don’t know why the Flames waited so long to unveil their free-agent signings. Maybe they wanted to make a big summer splash? Anyway, they unveiled the newest Flames Tuesday. Nothing crazy was announced. Todd Bertuzzi said he’s looking forward to getting his career back on track.
Meanwhile, down in Anaheim, Brendan Morrison, Bertuzzi’s former Vancouver center, is preparing to come back from ACL surgery. It sounds like the Ducks want Morrison on the top line, which seems like a tall order for a guy coming off of that kind of surgery.
Finally, I’m not sure how big a deal MIKE AND THE MAD DOG were outside of New York City, but here in the city, when Chris Russo left the radio show, it was kind of a big deal. Bill Simmons interviewed Russo about his move to Sirius XM. Russo credited the 1994 Rangers Stanley Cup run (as well as the Knicks run to the finals that same year) with helping to cement their show in the minds of New Yorkers. It was nice to hear hockey get some sports talk radio respect. I’m hoping Russo’s new channel will have at least some hockey talk but I’m not holding my breath.