Sakic Re-signs; Sundin Quagmire Continues

Joe Sakic re-signed with the Avs yesterday. He actually took a tiny pay cut from last season’s salary, something which kind of got lost in everyone’s shock over Sakic finally deciding what he wanted to do next season.
I guess you can cross Colorado off of Mats Sundin’s list of teams to play for, although Colorado is still under the cap.
I’m very curious how Sakic’s indecision will be seen in the Colorado locker room. Will they see it as a sign he’s not 100% committed to playing in the NHL? Or will they see it as an NHL All-Star making sure he’s 100% committed to coming back before signing a contract? The cycle of playing life for a bona fide NHL star like Sakic can be challenging to navigate. It’s Great Player –> Amazing Player –> Legend –> Weird Old Guy. I’m guessing Sakic doesn’t want to his the end of that cycle, although the last two stops certainly aren’t mutually exclusive.
In other Sundin Quagmire news, Michael Russo reports Mark Parrish is waiting for an offer from the Canucks while the Canucks wait for an answer from Sundin.
Kevin Allen has a nice look at other players trapped in the Sundin Quagmire.
Finally, Jean Lefebvre weighed in on the media obligation to always ask Todd Bertuzzi about his brutal attack on Steve Moore. Lefebvre said it can’t be ignored at the start of Bertuzzi’s Flame residency but can be tabled once the season starts and his on-ice performance is more of an issue. Apparently, some Calgary fans didn’t like the media spending so much time on Bertuzzi’s past. It’s such an odd coincidence that fans only care about Bertuzzi’s attack until he puts on their team’s sweater. Then, suddenly, it’s old news.