Sakic’s White Board; Panthers Maintain Cable Silence

It probably goes without saying given how long it took him to decide, but Joe Sakic had a hard time figuring out if he wanted to come back for another NHL season. He told Terry Frei the big issue for him was his hernia injury, which kept him out almost half of last season.
I’m not sure if Sakic did a pro/con list or if he brainstormed but however he came to a decision, he might want to share his process with Teemu Selanne, who’s been in talks with the Ducks but still hasn’t told the team about his plans for next season.
Maybe it’s just the time of the year, but I’m kind of ready for team conventions where fans vote on which players they want to re-sign and which players they want to retire. In fact, given that the Democratic National Convention is in Denver, I’m wondering if some kind of shadow delegation voted Sakic back to the Avs.
* * *
There’s a very famous Yiddish joke that features people at a wedding complaining about the food and then finishing up with “And the portions? They’re too small.” With that in mind, FSN and Sun will only show 65 Florida Panther games this season.
Also, it seems the Minnesota Wild are looking for a mascot. Given their team name, I’m guessing it will be some kind of rabid or feral animal. Maybe fans can “shoot” the mascot out of its misery between periods. Kind of like in TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD.