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Still Too Many Goalies in Chicago

I get that it’s somewhat unsurprising the Blackhawks are trying to jettison Nikolai Khabibulin. They’ve just got way too much expensive goaltending. It’s like Mr. and Mrs. Howell picked the goalies. all items But to put him on waivers? The Blackhawks are obviously hoping Khabibulin is claimed off waivers, but why would anyone claim him […]

Schneider Goes to Atlanta; Bea Arthur Considers Pittsburgh

I have no idea why I’m so obsessed with Mathieu Schneider this whole pre-season, but I am. Luckily, for all of us, our long national nightmare is over: the Ducks finally traded him. He’s going to the Thrashers for defenseman Ken Klee and forwards Brad Larsen and Chad Painchaud. I’m a huge Klee fan. He’s […]

A Case Study in Two-Man-Line Chemistry: Boston vs. Dallas

I think one of the nice things about the NHL pre-season is that it’s truly a rebirth for teams. Basically, everything that worked the season before could be thrown out the window. There are no givens. Coaches, for the most part, scrap everything. Obviously, most coaches return to lines that worked in the immediate past, […]

Bertuzzi Debut So-So; Osgood Contemplates Nickel Package

Todd Bertuzzi made his debut with new linemate Jarome Iginla. I was really excited about this combination because I love huge finesse guys. Not that Bertuzzi has so much finesse anymore. But he once did and I like to think he can eventually access it once again. Especially now that he’s back in western Canada. […]

Leafs Roll Older-School Line; Blues Contemplating Schneider?

Is there actually good news in Leaf nation? Coach Ron Wilson, in an inspired bit of retro-line building has combined new Leaf acquisition Ryan Hollweg with waiver prize Dominic Moore. Moore and Hollweg famously played together (with Jed Ortmeyer), on the New York Rangers 2005-06 HMO line, a high energy line that was part agitator […]

Blackhawks: ‘We Don’t Have Two Goalies’

What do you do if you’ve got two expensive starting goalies? If you’re you or me, you’re probably going to figure out which one is the best and then trade the other one. And you’re probably going to start the process as soon as possible. If you’re the Blackhawks, you’re going to let them both […]

Blackhawks and Avs Choose Speed

The Blackhawks appear to be progressing nicely. Coach Denis Savard is taking steps toward giving the team a second offensive line by pairing center Jonathan Toews with the oft-injured Martin Havlat and a winger to be named later. Of course, this being Havlat, he’s already been hurt &#151 luckily, it was just a chipped tooth. […]

Lemaire: ‘Trapping Makes Me Happy’

So apparently Wild coach Jacques Lemaire thought about retiring at the end of last season. The fun had gone out of the game for him, which I think is probably the craziest thing about Lemaire. He really does love that stifling, trapping style. GM Doug Risebrough talked Lemaire into staying. Meanwhile, Marian Gaborik remains unsigned […]

Schneider Clears Waivers and Zubov’s Hip Hurt: Coincidence?

Hartley Goes Undercover