Modin: ‘Ouch!’

I knew Freddy Modin spent a lot of time injured last season, but I had no idea how bad it was: “[Modin] played in only 23 games, never in uniform for more than eight in a row while suffering a back injury, a torn hamstring and groin pulls and a concussion.”
I guess it’s a source of pride that he still managed to get in more work than Carl Pavano.
Blue Jacket coach Ken Hitchcock says getting back a healthy Modin is like getting a brand new player. Modin is expected to play on the Columbus second line with rookie Derrick Brassard.
Also, if you’re looking for a pickup hockey game, someone just emailed me some information about Right now, it seems to only work for Minneapolis/St. Paul, but it sounds like there are plans to expand it. I hear the Wild are going to use it to draft players.