Crosby Stands in the Place Where He Is; Blackhawks Discover Fans

So Sidney Crosby is still living with Mario Lemieux (and Lemieux’s family).
Far be it for me to judge, but isn’t he getting a little old to be living with his boss? Another year or two of that and he’ll be like Chris Elliott in the wonderful GET A LIFE. Actually, I’d love to see a remake of THE ODD COUPLE with Crosby and Lemieux. I’m assuming one of them is really neat and one of them is really messy.
Chris Kuc has an interesting Blackhawks tidbit: Eight of their home games are already sold out. I’m actually very happy about that. The team did everything on the cheap for so long, basically trying to blackmail fans into coming to games. The franchise has finally entered the modern era of sports and I’m glad to see it working out for them.
St. Louis Blue Paul Kariya bulked up for next season. He struggled the second half of last season and when all you have is finesse, there’s not much you can do to change your fortunes. But if you have size, you can at least set-up down low a little more easily and hope for a rebound. It’s a smart move.
Finally, Florida Panther Richard Zednik is back from his horrific neck injury and seems to be good as new. George Richards’ article has a lot of details on what exactly went down that night in Buffalo after a skate blade caught Zednik’s throat. It’s pretty harrowing, as you might expect.