Staal Signs Big Contract; Other Staal Might Move to Wing

The Hurricanes gave Eric Cole Staal a huge seven-year contract. It sounds like the franchise was spooked Cole Staal would leave the team and go all Ron Francis on them, winning a Stanley Cup or two with another team.
It’s not that Cole Staal doesn’t deserve the money or the time, but I’m a little surprised Carolina couldn’t get a better deal on a player they were signing longterm and who really wanted to stay with the team. An $8.25 million annual cap hit (the average value of his $57.75 contract) is pretty steep.
Speaking of Staals, Kevin Allen says the Penguins should think about moving Jordan Staal, Eric’s brother, out of his third-line center slot and onto the wing on one of the top-two lines. Allen points out the Penguins don’t have a lot of wing options.
I’m not crazy about the move. While Staal doesn’t put up huge numbers as a checking center, he does a great job keeping opposing teams’ top lines under control. They might get more offense out of him on one of the scoring lines, but I wonder if they would give up more goals on defense. It’s an interesting idea, though. I’d be curious to see how it turns out.
Apparently the Avs still have a decent amount of cap space. Terry Frei says the team should consider Brendan Shanahan. I would be pretty shocked if Shanahan signed with Colorado. He really wants to re-sign with the Rangers, to the extent that he’s skating with the team without a contract. Also, I don’t think his Red Wings pedigree would ever let him put on an Avalanche jersey. I think he’d keep forgetting who he played for and would check Avalanche players and shoot at the Avalanche goal.
Note to self: undercover double-agent players might be a neat way to improve offense in the game. Run this by G.B.
Also, a correction/clarification regarding Wednesday’s third-jersey Sabres/70s Pirates joke. Apparently the baseball card I linked to was from 1984. I still stand by the joke.
UPDATE: Edited so it’s not referring to Staal as Cole. Thanks, Red and Black Hockey!