Schneider Waived; Kings Wave Back

The Ducks put excess defenseman Mathieu Schneider on waivers.
The Ducks need cap space and they’ve got a surplus of expense and talent on their blueline.
So why not trade Schneider, who’s still a top-two defenseman? Apparently no one will take him without sticking the Ducks with a player the Ducks don’t want.
So how about the Kings? They haven’t even hit the cap floor yet. Surely they’re interested in Schneider. They might be, but Rich Hammond says the team won’t take him off waivers. According to Hammond, they’ll think about him should he clear waivers.
Damian Cristodero says there’s a rumor the Ducks don’t want to be total jerks to Schneider and won’t let him begin the season without a team. If that’s true, I’m not sure what the next step is for Anaheim. Do they go so far as to not sign Teemu Selanne? It’s tough to replace a forward with a defenseman.
Everyone pretty much agrees Schneider to the Kings makes the most sense. I’m not sure why the Kings aren’t jumping on this, if not via waiver claim than at least via trade.
Obviously, it’s pretty sad that a player of Schneider’s caliber is being treated this way. There just aren’t a lot of teams with cap space. I think we’re a few years away from having teams so cap-filled, that it’ll be impossible for higher-salary players to be moved. So players will rush to sign as early as possible before teams run out of room for the year.