Lemaire: ‘Trapping Makes Me Happy’

So apparently Wild coach Jacques Lemaire thought about retiring at the end of last season. The fun had gone out of the game for him, which I think is probably the craziest thing about Lemaire. He really does love that stifling, trapping style. GM Doug Risebrough talked Lemaire into staying. Meanwhile, Marian Gaborik remains unsigned longterm. I’m not sure the two events are unrelated. Although the Wild are stuck in kind of a death spiral. Lemaire needs a conservative game plan because he doesn’t have a ton of offensive talent. But he has trouble getting offensive talent because of his team’s conservative systems.
Speaking of long-term contracts, the Sabres continued their shocking new system of signing young, talented players before they leave for other teams.
Finally, speaking of Buffalo, former Sabre (and Ranger and Star and Avalanche and Penguin and Lightning and Blackhawk) Matthew Barnaby is expected to soon be named Barry Melrose’s replacement on ESPN. Barnaby’s a funny guy, so he should be great. I might actually watch SPORTSCENTER for Barnaby. But probably not. Yesterday, I heard someone on ESPN say “He’s got 99 problems but that pitch ain’t one” and it just destroyed my faith in humanity.