Schneider Clears Waivers and Zubov’s Hip Hurt: Coincidence?

Mathieu Schneider cleared waivers and is still a member of the Anaheim Ducks. The Ducks say they won’t sign forward Teemu Selanne until they have Schneider’s salary off of their cap.
Meanwhile, there are four teams believed to be interested in Schneider. Schneider hasn’t reported to Duck camp yet, so I’m thinking something will happen soon.
Something to consider, though. Dallas defenseman Sergei Zubov is out 4-8 weeks, recovering from hip surgery. He wasn’t horribly healthy last season. I’m not sure how bad Zubov really is, but would Dallas take Schneider as an insurance policy? There are two issues: the Stars can’t afford Schneider AND Zubov, so taking Schneider would mean Zubov is gone for the season. Second, would Dallas give Schneider to a division rival? The Ducks don’t mind giving him to the Kings, since they’re not a threat, but Dallas?