Blackhawks: ‘We Don’t Have Two Goalies’

What do you do if you’ve got two expensive starting goalies?
If you’re you or me, you’re probably going to figure out which one is the best and then trade the other one. And you’re probably going to start the process as soon as possible.
If you’re the Blackhawks, you’re going to let them both sit a bit, perhaps hoping a third goalie will emerge.
Blackhawks coach Denis Savard says he wants to give his co-starters time to practice, which makes me wonder what the two goalies were doing all summer.
I kind of get the feeling the Blackhawks are dealing with their goalie glut by not dealing with it. Maybe they’re hoping Nikolai Khabibulin will trade himself.
Over in Nova Scotia, Boston Bruin Patrice Bergeron had a four-point preseason game that saw him look just a little bit rusty. Bergeron missed most of last season after being shoved head-first into the boards. There were some questions about if he would return to hockey. Luckily for Bergeron and the Bruins, so far things seem on-track.
Also, can goalies get better by losing weight? Kings goalie Jason LaBarbera seems to think so. Me? I kind of think goalies should be as big as possible. Let’s be honest. Nothing would have gotten past Orson Welles. By the way. You have to love the Kings with all of this cap space, and they refuse to spring for a goalie. It’s like it’s not the money for them — it’s the principle. Like the same way some people won’t spend money on bottled water since you can get it for free from the tap. Of course, the Kings don’t seem to have a goalie tap…
Finally, two sad goodbyes. Don’t worry. No one died. New York Daily News Rangers beat writer John Dellapina is leaving the paper to become the NHL’s director of media relations. Dellapina was a huge force in the hypercompetitive daily war that is New York City sports journalism. He’ll be missed. So will Jes Golbez, who’s retiring from blogging. It’s always better to go out on top, but I’m going to miss Jes, too. How will I track the progress of Slovakian NHL players?