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Kelley: ‘Hollweg Not the Next Gretzky’; No Jury Signings in Ottawa

Wow. Jim Kelley really came out swinging against Ryan Hollweg, the Toronto forward recently suspended for a nasty, from-behind hit on St. Louis’ Alex Pietrangelo : Check the stats: In the first four years of his NHL career, Hollweg contributed a grand total of 12 points, a plus-minus figure of minus-26, and 326 penalty minutes. […]

Rangers: ‘Guys. Just Hang Out. Don’t Worry About Playing Or Anything…’

Brendan Shanahan told his agent to let teams other than the Rangers know he’s available. Shanahan was waiting on the Rangers to sign him. According to Larry Brooks, Rangers GM Glen Sather told Shanahan to wait for the Rangers to clear some cap space but Shanahan had to see the writing on the wall. The […]

Examining the Bettman

David Singer from the essential has a great-if-blasphemous piece on renaming the Gordie Howe Hat Trick (goal, assist, fight). Howe only accomplished the feat twice. So what should we call a goal, an assist, and a fight in one game? That’s easy. A Bettman. Bettman loves goals and doesn’t understand fights. Maybe, if he […]

Blackhawks: ‘Whoever Has the Most Good Goalies Wins, Right?’

I’m sorry. I know I talk about the Blackhawks and their dueling goaltenders a lot, but it’s just such an amazingly odd situation. Do you want it to get weirder? Apparently the Blackhawks have tremendous goalie depth in the minors, too. So really, they have four goalies not being used to their full potential. This […]

Flyers Inflict Indigestion; FIOS Stays Classy; Win a Mask

The Flyers blew out the Thrashers 7-0 last night in Atlanta. The Thrashers have horrible attendance. Coincidence? Well the Thrashers have set-up certain all-you-can eat sections. Awful hockey + depression eating = messy recipe for disaster. I’m glad I wasn’t at Philips Arena last night. I think you can have all-you-can buffets or you can […]

The Stamkos Diaries

Steven Stamkos has posted another rookie diary. These things are so boring, I’ve become convinced they contain secret messages. For instance, I think “It was her first time down to Tampa and it was a good experience for her” really means “I’m so sick of this bench. It hurts. People weren’t meant to sit on […]

Grind Line Reunites For a Few Minutes

Two-Line Pass recently had a great post taking the Wings to task for not having enough cap space to call up rookie Ville Leino while Johan Franzen is out. Ryan’s beef with Detroit is the money they spent on Darren McCarty, who’s been used sparingly by Detroit coach Mike Babcock. Well I’m not sure if […]

Bruins Move Dots; Moog Tries to Help Turco

Just some quick weekend notes that fascinated me: The Bruins have been playing with an incorrectly measured faceoff dot. I can’t believe it took so long for anyone to realize (someone from the press caught it) and I can’t believe those dots aren’t done off of some kind of stencil. Goalie coach Andy Moog is […]

NHL: ‘Wait. Baseball Isn’t Over? Are You Sure?’

The Times has an interesting story this morning about the NHL leaning on its stars to market itself. The article quotes Bob Stellick, the president of a Toronto-based marketing company: Stellick says that the N.H.L. would be wise to augment its reliance on Crosby by trying to promote players born in the United States to […]

Gaborik Too Demanding?

Wow. Marian Gaborik’s agent decided to address what he calls the misconceptions about Gaborik’s contract demands. I suspect this is the list of alleged demands he’s talking about: $8 million year/35 years Gaborik’s own personal uniform (must be yellow!) Gaborik has use of Zamboni when not being used for games Wild coach Jacques Lemaire can […]