Khabibulin: ‘Pick Me! Pick Me!’

So will Nikolai Khabibulin get picked up by another NHL team?
Adrian Dater says the Avs should consider him. The Avs say they’re not interested, though.
Jeff Gordon says the Senators should consider Khabibulin but the Senators say they can’t afford him.
So basically, if reporters ran NHL teams, Khabibulin would be claimed. But for now, nothing seems to be happening.
Speaking of the Avs, Dater also reports former Av Theo Fleury is working on a tell-all book. I loved Fleury when he played for the Rangers. He was relatively ineffective but he always seemed so emotionally wounded, it was very hard to dislike him. Last I read, Fleury was doing great, out of hockey and into concrete. That book should be a great read.