Fedorov on the Blue Line; Tucker Glad They Built It So He Could Come

Caps coach Bruce Boudreau is experimenting with using forward Sergei Fedorov as a defenseman. Fedorov was famously “demoted” to defenseman for a few days by Scotty Bowman in the 1990s. Fedorov seems OK with the experiment and it could be a huge advantage for the Caps. It lets them carry an extra defenseman and an extra center. It provides a lot of offense on their blue line. And it makes them harder to defend against. Can you imagine Alex Ovechkin leading a four-man rush?
When the Caps hired Boudreau, my feeling was the Caps were kind of promoting the next person in line rather than going out to find the best candidate. But using Fedorov in a dual-role is very interesting. I’m impressed Boudreau is even considering this.
If you don’t believe in Stockholm syndrome, I think we have proof. This is Darcy Tucker on playing for the Avalanche with former Leaf Andrew Raycroft: “Andrew and I feel like we’re in the FIELD OF DREAMS…We walked out of the cornfield and into something great.
What did the Leafs do to those two that playing for the Avs is the realization of all of their hopes and dreams? I mean, there’s nothing wrong with the Avs, but to use the FIELD OF DREAMS analogy? Isn’t that a bit much? Or is playing catch with your dead dad just not that big a deal in hockey circles?
Finally, if any NHL GMs are reading this, you need to print out this article and post it someplace visible: Winning=increased ticket sales. If anyone from the New York Knicks organization is reading, feel free to print it, too. I’ve taken the liberty of mailing you a hard copy. The article is about the Stars, but I think it’s a pretty universal concept.