Madison Square Beer Garden

Saturday I went to the Bohemian Beer Garden in Astoria Saturday to see the Rangers play Tampa. It was a good game, although I missed most of the third period looking for parking and then waiting for hot dogs. But the event itself was just amazing. It was like Madison Square Garden was outside. The fans were great. I don’t think I saw a man not wearing some kind of Rangers gear. And a lot of women were, too. Mrs. PuckUpdate and I were both pretty shocked at how many people came out. I hope the Rangers do more things for the fans like that. And I was really blown away by the Rangers powerplay. So much movement. It’s completely different (and more effective) without everyone trying to feed Jaromir Jagr the puck. Sunday against Tampa, there was one powerplay, (the one in which Wade Redden eventually converted), where Tampa never got the puck out of the zone.
Also, The Sabres seem like they’ll continue their captain-by-committee initiative. I used to make fun of that, but it seems to work for Buffalo. It gives a lot of young guys the chance to lead. And since this is Buffalo and players are always leaving, that’s a good thing.