Tampa Eyes Panic Button; Shanahan Waits

We’re just two games into the season and lineups are still in flux.
In Tampa, the Lightning made a post-Prague trade with Vancouver, swapping Shane O’Brien and Michel Ouellet for defenseman Lukas Krajicek and forward Juraj Simek.
Tampa might not be done tweaking, though, and could be interested in Calgary’s Rhett Warrener, recently placed on waivers.
If I’m Tampa, I’m standing pat right now. Barry Melrose is just two games into his coaching tenure. It’s way, way too early for these kind of knee-jerk moves. Let Melrose get used to the modern NHL. Let him get used to his team. Then, adjust the roster as needed. Obviously, Tampa’s defense seemed a bit porous over the weekend, but the Lightning need to see if the players can step-up and, perhaps more importantly, if Melrose can coach his way out of this.
Also, is Brendan Shanahan heading back to Detroit? His agent won’t say. But apparently a lot of teams are still interested. I would love to hear the story of why the Rangers haven’t signed Shanahan yet, despite seeming to be interested in him. There’s definitely something odd, there. Can you imagine Shanahan on Detroit’s fourth line, though? What kind of depth would that be?