Unlikely Leaders; Voros Wanted to Stay; McLaren Discovers Re-Waivers

I like the beginning of the NHL season because you get to see interesting people as offensive leaders. Right now, on NHL.com, you can see Keith Tkachuk as the NHL’s leading goal scorer and Aaron Voros as the NHL’s point leader. I’m not sure that’s going to last a whole season.
In New York, one of the many story lines about Voros has been how Voros grew up a Rangers fan in Vanocouver. The subtext is usually that playing for the Rangers is a dream come true. Not to say that it isn’t. But Voros says he really didn’t want to leave the Minnesota Wild, his previous team.
Speaking of misconceptions, the Sharks did not put defenseman Kyle McLaren on re-entry waivers earlier this week. Nope. They put him on regular waivers again, hoping another team would claim him and the Sharks wouldn’t have to pick-up half of McLaren’s remaining salary. I had no idea you could keep putting a player on waivers. It seems pretty degrading to me. It’s kind of like when you’re picking teams for gym and you’re the last one picked. Only apparently NHL teams can recreate that particular moment indefinitely.
Speaking of getting picked last for gym, congratulations to the Calgary Flames for not being the last NHL team to earn a win this season. Colorado is the only team left looking for a win. Ben Harper, son of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, skated with the Flames before the game. I suspect he’ll be doing that a lot from now on, or at least until the Flames lose again. I kind of wondered if he wouldn’t end up on the Jarome Iginla line.
Finally, is the Islanders season already over? Defenseman Radek Martinek is out the next four to six weeks with an “upper body injury” (thanks, Bill Belichick). Goalie Rick DiPietro isn’t expected to play over the next two games. Buffalo’s seven-goal game against the Isles yesterday could be a defensive high-point of the Islander season.