Blackhawks Win With Wrong Goalie

What are the Blackhawks going to do? They got their first win of the season last night, with “backup” Nikolai Khabibulin in goal. While the Chicago victory had a lot more to do with the offense finally clicking and defenseman Brian Campbell shaking himself out of an early malaise, Khabibulin had a very strong game. It’s still early in the season, but the Blackhawks are getting close to the point where they need to look at who the best goalie on their team is.
Out in Ohio, the Blue Jackets have called-up rookie Nikita Filatov. It’s a tough time for the rookie who was friends with Alexei Cherepanov, who died on the bench this week. Filatov’s happy to be called up but missing his friend. He also has to be wondering why he didn’t start the season with Columbus, despite a strong training camp.
Chris Chelios has beef with Def Leppard over their treatment of the Stanley Cup. And thus ends the world’s honeymoon with Def Leppard. For decades Def Leppard has gotten a pass on everything because when their drummer lost his arm, they waited for him and didn’t just hire someone else. For years, whenever you would complain about Def Leppard (“Their albums are awful”; “I think Joe Elliott just mugged me”; etc.) someone else would remind you they waited for their drummer and you couldn’t get mad anymore. So a huge thanks to Chelios for breaking the ice on that. It’s long overdue.
Finally, yesterday I said Colorado was the last NHL team looking for a win. But the Avs are not alone. The Ducks are also waiting for that first win. Or as I like to call it, waiting to play Colorado.