Savard: ‘Are We Not Supposed to Win Now? Did I Miss a Memo?’

Jeff Gordon and I both had the same reaction to Blackhawk coach Denis Savard being fired after four games: Yikes.
If all of the one-win coaches were fired today, they’d be looking for new coaches in Ottawa, Boston, Toronto, Atlanta, Florida, Columbus, Calgary, Dallas, and LA. As I write this, Ducks coach Randy Carlyle and Tampa coach Barry Melrose are both like ‘Wow. We’d kill for one win.’ Tony Granato, whose Avs earned their first win of the season last night, was like “Dang. I was going to ask for a raise after my one win.’
Joe Quenneville is in as Blackhawk coach, with Scotty Bowman supposedly on deck.
Carol Slezak summed it up best: Savard cared more about the ‘Hawks than they did about him.
People are pointing to Savard’s goalie juggling as a reason for the firing. But presumed starter Cristobal Huet hasn’t looked sharp. Savard has worked with Nikolai Khabibulin in goal, both to keep him active, but also, to get some wins. His job as a coach is to win. It doesn’t seem good hockey to fire a coach for winning with the wrong personnel.
GM Dale Tallon also said the Blackhawks had a “flat” camp under Savard, which I don’t even understand. Does Tallon not recognize the difference between the preseason and the season? Did he think an especially good preseason would count toward the standings? Does he not know what ‘pre’ means? Is Tallon the guy at the movies, watching the previews, complaining the films are too short?
And why would Quenneville take this job? His first game will be Saturday against the Blues, his old team. Depending upon how things go, he could be fired one week later, after the next four games.