Toronto Maple-er Leafs

So the NHL isn’t really considering a second team for Toronto.
Gus Katsaros said Toronto didn’t deserve another team, if for no other reason than the team would just gouge fans on tickets.
Even though the NHL denied looking into Toronto as an NHL city option, I find it hard to believe they’re not thinking about it in some way. Since the great U.S. Sun Belt expansion didn’t really work, why not do the opposite and go back into existing NHL cities? It’s kind of like re-dating an old girlfriend.
I’m curious how Leaf fans would react to a second NHL franchise in Toronto. Would people really stop rooting for the Leafs? Would the new team become the center of the city like the Leafs are? Here in New York, we have the Rangers in the city, the Islanders in the suburbs, and the Devils a short train ride away in New Jersey, and only the Rangers get any kind of media attention. Sure, all three teams have their fans, but the Devils and Isles don’t get nearly as much attention as the Rangers. Heck. The Islanders don’t even merit a pregame show here. It’s not much better for the Mets and Jets and Nets, other New York-area teams that were the second ones into the pool.
So maybe it’s for the best that the NHL isn’t considering Toronto. I don’t think it’s a Rink of Dreams, if-you-build-it-they-will-come situation.