Wilson: ‘I’d Like to Carry Five Goalies’

Actually, I wonder if Leafs coach Ron Wilson would want a second NHL team in Toronto.
According to Damien Cox, Wilson is working hard to break the spirit of the Leafs, who are treated like rock stars, even as they consistently fail as a team. A second team could be a great de-motivation tool for an NHL coach looking to demoralize his team.
Wilson switched goalies in a shootout last night, switching from starter Vesa Toskala to Curtis Joseph, acquired via time machine. The Leafs lost the shootout to the Ducks and Wilson probably started the process of losing his team. Wilson’s rationale was Toskala’s poor shootout record. I’m not aware of another NHL coach switching goalies like that. I’ve heard coaches asked about it, and almost universally, they say it’s an interesting idea but kind of a jerk move.
Wilson’s next shootout move? Pulling the goalie and going with four forwards. Either that, or inviting a fan into goal. Like when Bruce Springsteen pulled Courtney Cox onto the stage in the DANCING IN THE DARK video.