Grind Line Reunites For a Few Minutes

Two-Line Pass recently had a great post taking the Wings to task for not having enough cap space to call up rookie Ville Leino while Johan Franzen is out. Ryan’s beef with Detroit is the money they spent on Darren McCarty, who’s been used sparingly by Detroit coach Mike Babcock.

Well I’m not sure if Babcock read Ryan’s post or if it’s a coincidence, but last night he put the Grind Line back together. It was like the mid-90s all over again.

And McCarty finished with almost four minutes of ice time.

McCarty is with the Wings for two reasons: his work ethic, which unlike his game, hasn’t lost any steps, and because the franchise is loyal to former players. McCarty needed help and his former team stepped-up to help him. It’s not a great hockey decision, but it’s a refreshingly nice human one. And if you’re cynical, you have to believe it will help in terms of retaining players and bringing in free agents. Who wouldn’t want to play for a team that puts its players first in such a public, dramatic, self-sabotaging way?

Detroit won over LA in a shootout last night, by the way.