Blackhawks: ‘Whoever Has the Most Good Goalies Wins, Right?’

I’m sorry. I know I talk about the Blackhawks and their dueling goaltenders a lot, but it’s just such an amazingly odd situation.

Do you want it to get weirder?

Apparently the Blackhawks have tremendous goalie depth in the minors, too. So really, they have four goalies not being used to their full potential.

This raises the question of why exactly the Blackhawks signed Cristobal Huet in the off-season.

This is my favorite part of Len Ziehm’s dispatch:

Hawks coach Joel Quenneville thinks that the Khabibulin-Huet situation eventually will work itself out and that the competition between the two is a healthy thing.

Will work itself out? What does Quenneville have in mind? Is he imagining the goalies are going to kill each other? Or that maybe someone will trade himself? Or does he just plan to turn four solid goalies into one solid goalie and three horrible ones?

Quenneville knows the only way out of this situation is a trade, right? If not, maybe GM Dale Tallon can sit him down and explain the situation a little bit.