Rangers: ‘Guys. Just Hang Out. Don’t Worry About Playing Or Anything…’

Brendan Shanahan told his agent to let teams other than the Rangers know he’s available.

Shanahan was waiting on the Rangers to sign him. According to Larry Brooks, Rangers GM Glen Sather told Shanahan to wait for the Rangers to clear some cap space but Shanahan had to see the writing on the wall. The Rangers had a glut at forward (and still do) and have the most points in the NHL. There just seemed to be zero need for Shanahan.

That makes me wonder exactly what Shanahan was told by the Rangers. His return never made sense for the Rangers and the fact that the team wouldn’t even pretend to try and clear cap space to sign Shanahan didn’t seem encouraging, either. I’m not sure why Shanahan waited so long to find another team. I know he wanted to stay in New York City with his family, but it seems like he would have had more team options if he had signed somewhere during the summer.

Speaking of the Rangers glut at forward, Patrick Rissmiller is in a bizarre NHL purgatory. He cleared waivers over a week ago, but he’s still with the team as they haven’t assigned him anywhere. His salary counts toward the cap and the Rangers can play him or assign him to their AHL franchise whenever they want. The Rangers don’t want to send him down in case they need to bring him back up (he’d have to pass through waivers again). According to the CBA, the Rangers can do this for 10 NHL games or 30 days.

It seems very sad. I picture Rissmiller skating with the team in a white uniform with nothing on it.

The Rangers treat their players pretty well, right? All we’re missing is the news that the team rounded up everyone’s pets and put them down.