Kelley: ‘Hollweg Not the Next Gretzky’; No Jury Signings in Ottawa

Wow. Jim Kelley really came out swinging against Ryan Hollweg, the Toronto forward recently suspended for a nasty, from-behind hit on St. Louis’ Alex Pietrangelo :

Check the stats: In the first four years of his NHL career, Hollweg contributed a grand total of 12 points, a plus-minus figure of minus-26, and 326 penalty minutes. In his four games with the Leafs to date (he’s missed six via two three-game suspensions for hitting from behind, once in the preseason with another Blues player, Jay McKee, and again just days into the regular season with Pietrangelo). As of Oct. 30, Hollweg had no goals and no assists and is a minus four with 15 penalty minutes this season.

Hollweg isn’t especially egregious in his behavior. Truth be told, there are a fair amount of active NHLers without much talent who exist only to take semi-dirty hits against more talented players. It’s sort of the mission for the various “energy lines” around the league. But it’s pretty funny to see Kelley go after a player like Hollweg so hard. I’m not sure there was anyone who was thinking Hollweg was a decent player involved in an ugly hit. In fact, I was kind of surprised about the 12 career points. I would have guessed he had half as many.

Oh. And Danny Alfredsson a Senator for life? Geez. What did he do to deserve that? Doesn’t he even get a trial? And I love the no-movement clause. Or, as I like to think of it, no chance of parole.