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Blackhawks: ‘Joel. Um. Did You Not Get That Goalie Memo?’

I saw the headline “Blackhawks Winter Classic a tough ticket” and I started to wonder who the NHL was going to screw out of tickets. But basically the Blackhawks are going to make sure their season ticket holders get first crack at the tickets. So let’s all of us take a deep breath. By the […]

Wilson: ‘I’d Like to Carry Five Goalies’

Actually, I wonder if Leafs coach Ron Wilson would want a second NHL team in Toronto. According to Damien Cox, Wilson is working hard to break the spirit of the Leafs, who are treated like rock stars, even as they consistently fail as a team. A second team could be a great de-motivation tool for […]

Toronto Maple-er Leafs

So the NHL isn’t really considering a second team for Toronto. Gus Katsaros said Toronto didn’t deserve another team, if for no other reason than the team would just gouge fans on tickets. Even though the NHL denied looking into Toronto as an NHL city option, I find it hard to believe they’re not thinking […]

Behind the Fisherman

I think the one thing that unites us as humans is our curiosity over how the Islanders ended up with that crazy fisherman logo. Chris Botta has brought us closer to understanding what happened. It’s an interesting story, but one that picks up after the disastrous creative choices had been made. I would have loved […]

Lots of Teams Floundering

Wow. What’s with the Flyers? They blew a lead to the Sharks Saturday night, leaving them winless in their first five games. I haven’t watched a ton of the Flyers yet this season, but it’s hard not to notice how thin their defense is. Coach John Stevens has messed with his defensive pairings, but it […]

Too Roenick for Comfort

Here’s my NHL sitcom idea of the week. It’s based on Jeremy Roenick mentoring Sharks youngsters Devin Setoguchi and Torrey Mitchell, inviting them to his home and keeping them fed. But wait. There’s a problem with both of their immigration papers. How can they play in California then? No worries. Roenick and his wife will […]

Savard: ‘Are We Not Supposed to Win Now? Did I Miss a Memo?’

Jeff Gordon and I both had the same reaction to Blackhawk coach Denis Savard being fired after four games: Yikes. If all of the one-win coaches were fired today, they’d be looking for new coaches in Ottawa, Boston, Toronto, Atlanta, Florida, Columbus, Calgary, Dallas, and LA. As I write this, Ducks coach Randy Carlyle and […]

Blackhawks Win With Wrong Goalie

What are the Blackhawks going to do? They got their first win of the season last night, with “backup” Nikolai Khabibulin in goal. While the Chicago victory had a lot more to do with the offense finally clicking and defenseman Brian Campbell shaking himself out of an early malaise, Khabibulin had a very strong game. […]

Unlikely Leaders; Voros Wanted to Stay; McLaren Discovers Re-Waivers

I like the beginning of the NHL season because you get to see interesting people as offensive leaders. Right now, on, you can see Keith Tkachuk as the NHL’s leading goal scorer and Aaron Voros as the NHL’s point leader. I’m not sure that’s going to last a whole season. In New York, one […]

Skating Backwards Is the New Black

I kind of wish I was an NHL defenseman this season. They sure seem to be in short supply. The Lightning are expected to sign Marek Malik this week. Malik was unsigned at the start of this season but I guess teams are getting more desperate. Malik was pretty immobile last season. I can’t imagine […]