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Thomas Gets Goalie Revenge; Giguere’s Hands Too Short

While the weekend games in Europe were the official start of the NHL season, last night sure felt more real to me. Maybe because there were actually night games. Goaltending was a big theme of the evening. For instance, Despite giving up four goals, goalie Tim Thomas earned a win for Boston (login info.). It […]

The Lines in the Ice

I know it’s early, but I’m always curious about what lines are going to look like when the season starts, so here’s a quick look around the league: In Phoenix, it looks like Olli Jokinen won’t be playing with Shane Doan, in an attempt to spread out size, and probably, to help protect rookie Kyle […]

Crosby, Stills and Nash: ‘Treat Your Players Well’

The Boston Globe had a nice piece on Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli (login info.). One of the interesting parts is the culture shift in Boston, moving from a place that seemed to hate its players to one that seems to respect them: One key difference in the Chiarelli regime has been the relative ease with […]

Tampa Eyes Panic Button; Shanahan Waits

We’re just two games into the season and lineups are still in flux. In Tampa, the Lightning made a post-Prague trade with Vancouver, swapping Shane O’Brien and Michel Ouellet for defenseman Lukas Krajicek and forward Juraj Simek. Tampa might not be done tweaking, though, and could be interested in Calgary’s Rhett Warrener, recently placed on […]

Madison Square Beer Garden

Saturday I went to the Bohemian Beer Garden in Astoria Saturday to see the Rangers play Tampa. It was a good game, although I missed most of the third period looking for parking and then waiting for hot dogs. But the event itself was just amazing. It was like Madison Square Garden was outside. The […]

PuckUpdate on ESPN

This was pretty cool. I’m in an NHL preview roundup on FULL DISCLOSURE: There are other people there, too; it’s not just me.

Fedorov on the Blue Line; Tucker Glad They Built It So He Could Come

Caps coach Bruce Boudreau is experimenting with using forward Sergei Fedorov as a defenseman. Fedorov was famously “demoted” to defenseman for a few days by Scotty Bowman in the 1990s. Fedorov seems OK with the experiment and it could be a huge advantage for the Caps. It lets them carry an extra defenseman and an […]

Khabibulin: ‘Pick Me! Pick Me!’

So will Nikolai Khabibulin get picked up by another NHL team? Maybe. Adrian Dater says the Avs should consider him. The Avs say they’re not interested, though. Jeff Gordon says the Senators should consider Khabibulin but the Senators say they can’t afford him. So basically, if reporters ran NHL teams, Khabibulin would be claimed. But […]

European Vacation for Tampa and New York

In case you were wondering, it’s a big pain in the rear preparing an NHL team to play in Europe. The Rangers and Lightning are making their way across Europe, getting ready to play each other. It’s hard not to picture Chevy Chase driving everyone around. Vinny Prospal is even keeping a diary on Erik […]