Blues Lower Expectations; Shanahan a Week or Two Away

I think if Blues coach Andy Murray has a signature coaching move, it’s lowering expectations:

Our plan is to get better over time…we knew that there would be games when we wouldn’t play as well. So I don’t think anybody in our organization, to be honest with you, had any swagger. I think everybody gets excited about a team when they win a certain number of games. By the same token, people shouldn’t get too down on this hockey club right now because it is a work in progress.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m pretty inspired.

Brendan Shanahan says he’ll sign with a team (one of which is rumored to be the Blues) in seven to 10 days.

Did you hear that? That’s the sound of Mats Sundin’s head exploding. ‘A week or two to pick a team?’ he’s thinking. ‘That’s just not enough time. You need at least six months to pick a team.’

The Flyers players seem genuinely excited about the prospect of landing Shanahan and while I see the value in a defensive player like Shanahan, I’m surprised they’re not trying to shore up their blueline.

Jim Kelley has a nice column on what’s right with the NHL this season. I find the positive spin a bit confusing, but Kelley makes some good points. I would add the rebirth of speed this season to the list. There are a lot of teams playing a quick, transition game and it’s great to watch.

Finally, congratulations to our new President.