Burke Leaves Anaheim; Carney Retires

Brian Burke stepped down as GM of the Ducks and Bob Murray is taking over. Burke is expected to take over the Leafs.

Both GMs will have similar issues: capped-up teams with a lot of obvious holes and not a lot of salary maneuverability to fix them. Burke is a smart guy, though. He really pushed for Murray to take over for him, so he should have at least one open-minded trading partner to work with.

I imagine this is all quite confusing to Mats Sundin, who recently had a sit-down with the Ducks. Will Burke try and bring Sundin back to the Leafs? Will Sundin notice he’s not playing in California? All of these scenarios hinge on Sundin making a decision, so obviously, it’s pretty theoretical at this point.

Also, Keith Carney officially retired from the NHL. It seemed kind of a given when he didn’t sign with any teams in the off-season. Carney’s 38 with four kids (including a set of triplets), so he’ll have plenty to keep him busy. How old is Chris Chelios, though? According to that article, he mentored Carney when Carney first came to Chicago. Does Chelios age? Is he related to that guy from LOST? I bet somewhere there’s a picture of Chelios mentoring Bobby Hull.