Avs Find Goaltending But Lose Everything Else

The Avs lost 4-1 to the Flames last night, with one unlikely hero emerging for Colorado: the much maligned goalie Peter Budaj.

Adrian Dater said it might be the worst Avs game he’s ever seen. Budaj at least kept it close.

The Avs can’t expect the calvary to come any time soon: there’s no update on when Joe Sakic will be back or if Peter Forsberg will return to hockey.

A game like last night’s is particularly frustrating because the Avs have played plenty of games this season where the weak link was goaltending. To get a strong goaltending game going only to have the rest of the team collapse is just brutal.

Speaking of goaltending, over in Detroit, backup goalie Ty Conklin is minding the store while Chris Osgood works through some goaltending issues. I think Conklin has the potential to be a great NHL backup, much the way Manny Legace was for so many years. I wonder if Conklin’s made peace with a role like that or if he wants the pressure of a starting gig. It hasn’t worked out for him in the past.