Brother Trouble in Anaheim?

Wow. Over in Anaheim, Rob Niedermayer is in coach Randy Carlyle’s dog house. You don’t often see a respected veteran benched like Niedermayer was. I’m most surprised because of Niedermayer’s connection to his brother, Ducks defenseman Scott Niedermayer.

It’s well-documented that Scott joined the Ducks to play with his brother. If his brother isn’t playing, will he still be interested in staying in Anaheim? Or will he try and find a way out? And would this be happening if Scott wasn’t probably going to retire next season?

Also, I hate those salary-cap-saving reassignment moves. They save teams some money, which is good, but it can be horrible for the players getting reassigned. Witness the tale of Anaheim’s Bobby Ryan and Brett Festerling, who were recalled from the AHL (Iowa), sent to the ECHL (Bakersfield), only to be recalled back to Anaheim.

I hope Mats Sundin appreciates their sacrifices.